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A Whole New Concept of Bumper Case Built To Withstands Water and Shatter for iPhone

Posted April 19, 2014

See the project on Kickstarter:

....With iPhones becoming sleek and slimmer by each generation, it is fairly easy to drop your phone now and then. One little drop can result in damaging one of the most expensive devices you own, your iPhone! The cases that do protect your phone from water and harsh damage, also come with  a downside of bulking up your case. And the iPhone isn’t made slim just so you can bulk it up again. the [BRIC+]xtreme by BRICWAVE, solves all those problems. This water resistant/armored case is going to be available for the iPhone 5, 5s and 6. This case, while looking slim and stylish, protects your iPhone from harsh drops, Shock, Water and Dirt.  

The armored protection comes from a combination of aluminum covering and a shock-absorbing substructure. This high-end case is designed for maximum exposure to your device, such as keeping the apple logo and back visible, while providing full protection...

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