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Tooling, Packaging, T1 Sample Review Plan Updates

Current progress is going well and not major issues have been found yet. Hope we could deliver [BRIC+]xtreme case to our Kickstarter backers and customers in good condition on time. However, if any unpredicted issues detected and possibly impact to the planed schedule, we will immediately inform you what has happened. 

May 5th: We have released the final tooling data right after Kickstarter ended and have made a good progress. No major issues have been detected yet. However, if unexpected or unknown issues popped up, we are going immediately to find ways to resolve effective immediately. We will ask help from you if needed. 

May 18th: We finalized the package design and delivered the database and design spec to our package supplier. See the picture below for the package.

May 26th: We are going to visit our factory to check T1 samples which will be ready by May 23rd. We will spend about a week or so to follow up the production. It might take multiple iterations for perfection and possibly impact to schedule. We will take pictures of T1 samples and provide you the summary of our review. 

We hope everything is moving nice and smooth so that our Kickstarter backers and customers will get the product(s) in good condition on time. 

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