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XTREME-PRO Aluminum Bumper Case for iPhone 7 / 7 Plus (Pre Order)


Minimal Design, Maximal Protection for iPhone 7/7 Plus Completed by Aerospace Aluminum Alloy, Anti-Slip, and Crash Proof Functionality.

XTREME-PRO is made of machined aerospace aluminum alloy and provides significant upgraded protection with its amazing features, which include an anti-slip surface, dual construction, and a raised edge design.

  • The frame is made of machined aluminum alloy, which is lighter in weight and provides excellent impact resistance and excellent finishing. 
  • It has the foremost anti-slip design, achieved by a knurling process, which increases the friction, and prevents frequent slips or drop incidents. 
  • The dual-layer frame offers the best protection. The outer aluminum helps evenly distribute impact energy, and the internal soft layer efficiently absorbs the remaining energy. 
  • There is NO signal loss! The unique dual-layered design promotes your mobile experience without compromising your iPhone’s signal reception. 

The case won’t compromise the design of your phone, as it protects the phone amazingly well. Our XTREME-PRO’s dual construction, which contains an aluminum outer frame and silicon substructure, creates optimal conditions against impact when the phone drops on rock hard floors or objects. Pre-protection is one of the most remarkable features of this product. It’s safe to say that most drops are caused by the phone slipping from your hand, therefore, the knurling pattern helps it stay firmly and securely in your hand.

The aluminum/silicon dual-layered construction and its anti-slip pre-protection are one of the most remarkable achievements for our design, thanks to the modern knurling tool.





The aluminum alloy used for XTREME-PRO is one of the most commonly used alloys in aircraft and other aerospace structures with its good machinability, corrosion resistance, and anodizing response. You don't need to worry about bend incidents while in your pocket. 

It is one of our flagship features completed by a precise knurling process. The diagonally knurled pattern is an efficient way to increase the coefficient friction between hands and object. It helps prevent your valuable phone from any possible drop incidents.

When impact strikes the phone with the case, it will begin to undergo deformation or display glass crash at the point of contacts. The case protects the phone perfectly with strong aluminum distributing energy, and the soft silicon continues to absorb energy and keep the phone safe.

It is critical to have your phone function properly without any trouble by using protective cases. With most metal cases, your phone may have difficulty with signal reception. You will not encounter these issues anymore with our XPRESS-PRO. Its unique design won’t compromise your phone’s antenna functionality and satisfies your high-standard expectations.


  • Weight: 20g ~25g
  • Dimension: 74.47mm X 145.64mm X 12mm (iPhone 7 Case),  82mm X 158mm X 12mm (iPhone 7 Plus Case)
  • Materials for Outer Frame: Machined Aircraft Aluminum (6024)
  • Materials for Shock Absorbing Substrate: Silicon
  • Assembly Method: Friction Fit and Snap Lock


    • Aircraft Machined Aluminum Frame X 1 
    • Shock Absorbing Silicone Substructure  X 1